Swimming pool self build market experiencing rapid growth

Self build is a term that has taken the home fix tag ‘DIY’ by storm Self build carries a larger responsibility with all the liability often on the ‘self builder’ and swimming pools are no exception, we have experienced in 2010 28% of new build enquiry were in fact for self build swimming pools. And why not, there are now some excellent self build swimming pool kits on the market now offering the ‘self builder’ ease of use, confidence backing and support often from a pool dealer when needed.

Which self build swimming pool kit to choose? 

like anything the options and avenues are vast, and dependent upon your skill and ability anything is possible we would say a structure such as a tiled swimming pool would be left to absolute experts within the field such as Deep End Pools, however a simply sized average depth liner pool could be tackled by the self build swimming pool owner.

Which kit?

Block and Liner or Vycon swimming pool kit 

Well none of the kits on the market leave any room for error so please do not become fooled to believe this is an easy task. Level plumb and square being the key as in any construction.

Block and liner self build swimming pools are becoming somewhat obsolete, history shows us these pools are often subject to cracks, blistered render sections and long term failure and require good clear weather conditions and skilled workmen, often the cheapest kit to buy off the shelf however often become the most expensive upon completion be warned!

Polymer panels self build pools 

these kits really took the 90’s by storm replacing the old metal panel swimming pool kits across the country the benefits being speed non skilled labour build ability, longevity and being non susceptible to frost damage (this is key) Polymer panels often came in different sizes allowing you to be able to choose the pool size with ease, we suspect these systems built in and around the 90’s by good builders will be set for 30-40 years there in excess! Kits have historically been packaged extremely well some more than others, the down side of these kits in today’s market really only are oversized dig required, in turn potentially this means extra soil away and an increased amount of backfill is required in turn cost.

ICF self build insulated concrete formworks swimming pool 

Build swimming pools as a self build option in the mid 00’s just got a whole lot easier! and as far as Deep End Pools is concerned this is the future in swimming pool construction ICF or insulated concrete formworks offer the ability for non skilled construction, long term finish not being susceptive to frost damage, light weight fast building methods Deep End Pools adopted ICF as its no1 choice for swimming pool construction in 2005, we have vast experience about what offers a good kit and what to avoid! But as a whole the self build swimming pool ICF kits are and will continue to be the future in swimming pool construction for many many years to come.

Insulated swimming pool panels

in the late 90’s a few companies came to market with metal panel systems backed with insulated fill, the self build kits offered in this market are extremely well marketed and brochures certainly look impressive however at Deep End Pools we still have a niggle that the system does not comprise of a polymer construction but instead metal, history has proven to the swimming pool contractor of past that metal in the ground corrodes! Whilst the metal panels are extremely well coated and offer good warranty we fear no one yet knows the long term implication of these systems in the ground we suspect a 25 year inspection some 15 years away will tell the tale of whether or not these system will be successful equally these systems certainly at the moment come at a huge premium however they do offer specific saving values and well supported and backed energy saving data so there is a lot to be said about this for the avid eco house builder requiring a self build swimming pool

So self build for this season? Why not investigate the opportunity now with Deep End Pools as we could possible help aid and assist you with you self build swimming pool needs We have self build centres in Devon, Ivybridge, Reading and Beaconsfield.

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