Swimming pool season has started, Looking for a Pool Liner Installer?

Today Deep End Pools have received a record number of orders for swimming pool liner changes, Liners often last 10-20 years depending on many variants: temperature the swimming pool is run at, chemical usage and exposure to UV from the sun.

We choose to use only the best swimming pool liners on the market from Certikin int ltd and Aquaflex ltd, both companies producing excellent service for 30thou or 40 thou liners however we only really choose to install the thicker of the two liner the 0.75mm thickness swimming pool liner, Pvc liners are ideally suited for change in the dead heat of the swimming pool season and today’s orders proved no change there.

Our orders for liner change service today varied from a swimming pool in Marlow Buckinghamshire, a liner pool in Penn Bucks, and Woodley in Reading Berkshire, Taunton Somerset and Exeter Devon.

We are scheduled to install 4 liners next week: 1 x Foxx liner swimming pool in Flackwell Heath, High Wycombe Bucks, an old swimming pool liner installation to a block and liner pool built by Lincoln Pools Studley green the liner is destin for Great Kimble, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, A Liner fitment to Farnham Common bucks to a panel pool system and finally a swimming pool liner installation in to a swimming pool built by chiswell pools in the 80’s to an old cascade swimming pool liner pool.

Our current turnaround for liner removal, Measure, preparatory works and installation is 5-10 working days. So now is the time to book a liner change or even whilst you are away on holiday.

We will keep you posted.

Deep End Pools Liner Installtion Team

Certikin North General Manager, Shown with Deep End Pools liner installation team.


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