Swimming Pool Safety – Reality Check

At a recent swimming pool conference I slipped out of the main hall to get some fresh air and there was 1 person sat outside of the conference room. As we were all there for the same reason I said hello and went on about my business. I came back past and got talking and then found out that the man was Allen J Wilson who is one of the Worlds top swimming pool consultants.

Allen has many stories of his travels all over the world consulting on massive commercial developments in places like Dubai, Spain, Portugal and so on.

One scary part of his job is to find out when a drowning occurs who is liable for the accident and could it of been prevented. Some of the ways a death could have been prevented would only cost a few pounds or taken a small amount of time to prevent all together.

This really kicked in how dangerous a swimming pool can be.

For this reason we have really looked into and will be continuing to look for the best and most proven safety devices to make you swimming pool as family friendly as possible


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