Swimming Pool Safety Advice

Domestic swimming pools are still a mark of luxury in the UK although as they are coming down in real price terms they are becoming more popular. The most effective safety device of a swimming pool is adult supervision.

Safety of Swimming

Swimming pools are remarkably safe. According to government figures there are around fifteen deaths each year from drowning in swimming pools. While that is obviously fifteen people too many, in the context of three hundred and fifty million visits to public swimming pools it is a remarkably low figure. But that figure doesn’t include visits to private pools, such as those at homes and in clubs, hotels and other private establishments.

Swimming pools are probably relatively safe because of risk of compensation. Because we are aware of the dangers, particularly of drowning, we tend to take more care. But as well as deaths there are many injuries suffered by people slipping at the pool side or diving into shallow water.

Areas of Safety to Consider

If you have an open-air pool in your garden, or are considering having one put in, there are three elements to consider

  • Fencing to prevent people accessing the pool area without supervision.
  • Covers to prevent people falling in (safety cover).
  • Correct chemical treatments for the swimming pool water.

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