Swimming pool robotic cleaners set to be best buy Dirt Devil Catalyst

In the last five years we have seen the manufacturers costs for production drop as the market has evolved within the robotic swimming pool cleaner market, Traditionally Dolphin ruled the roost in the UK swimming pool market which have been extremely well backed and supported by the importer distributor Certikin International ltd, however in the last 18 months we have seen an influx to the market of alternative similar performing products naming a few Star Vac 2, Nitro pool cleaners, the Zodiac range of robotics, The Tiger Shark pool cleaner with integral cartridge rather than the more commonly used bag set up, aqua bot has come and gone within the market equally the Cayman pool cleaner.

So what can I expect from a robotic swimming pool cleaner? well to be honest when the correct cleaner is chosen for your swimming pool the variables normally being: structure type i.e. tiled, liner, concrete painted fibre glass indoor outdoor and size of swimming pool, and your pool dealer can advise the best unit suitable for use, the expectation level can be set quite high as for around a thousand pounds you purchase a fantastic time saving machine! from experience this season having trialled a Dirt devil Catalyst all season I have only had to vacuum my swimming pool by hand using a liner vacuum head and 2.2m telescopic pole and 9m certikin vac hose twice, the first being in early spring when the swimming pool season kicked off my pool carrying a fair amount of winter debris the load would have simply been too much for any pool cleaner this took me around 2 hours to clean (my pet hate) and the second time was only just recently when my friendly neighbours tree shed its foliage for the winter once more a dust bin amount of leafs! A further 1.5hours of hard work! the interim periods being March – mid October well the Dirt Devil swimming pool cleaner was activated normally on a Friday night on returning from work a quick flick of the switch followed by firing up the BBQ, then a return to the pool for the emptying of the integral filtration bag and general inspection followed by the storing of the precious time saving device in my box of tricks plant room ready for the following week or a Sunday clean if the pool had a bashing! Quick back to the BBQ and a reload of Pimms! Job done!

What do Deep End Pools look for when marketing a swimming pool cleaner?

well being pool owners and having looked after hundreds of swimming pools locally to our base in Beaconsfield and Maidenhead/ Cookham Berkshire our main aim when we choose product for sale is supplier backing, support, and ease of use in particular our most latest model the Dirt Devil Catalyst carries all the hallmarks of a good robotic swimming pool cleaner, we trialled the swimming pool cleaner late in 2009 and we have actively sold many units within 2010 the configuration is very similar to that of the star vac with foam rollers and internal filtration bag clearing particle matter down to 2 micron! So this obviously with the lower power consumption for running power than a standard swimming pool filtration pump can reduce swimming pool filter cycle run times given the Dirt Devils excellent filtration rate and particle size extraction so we could jump on the eco band wagon with these units! But at this stage our focus is achieving a clean swimming pool, of which the Catalyst dirt devil does just that.

There must be some maintenance with robotic swimming pool cleaners surely?

indeed please do not be fooled, the key to cable type robotic swimming pool cleaner ownership is simply good housekeeping, there is often on pretty much all units a cable that runs from the power pack to the pool cleaner, what we must remember is as the cable twists and turns so often will the cable many units in the market have swivel to help reduce twist to the cable however personally at home after two cleans to the swimming pool I spend 3 minutes no more carefully unwinding the supply cable removing any twists and turns, as the danger of not performing such a task can result in some circumstances a memory holding within the cable thus shortening the cable in its length, once this has happened it can be harder to remove the twists and often crimping of the cable the result can often be a repair needed of an average cost IRO £250-350.

the second most important good bit of housekeeping is simply the washing of the integral filtration bag, this is paramount on all robotic pool cleaners within the market, a failure to wash the cleaner bag can slow the cleaner put extra load and strain on the motors and drive mechanisms, remember if a filter bag filters to 2 microns the weight of the filter bag can become heavy when blocked, washing out of the bag is not the most pleasant often a grungy white milk so I choose to wear a fetching pair of marigolds pink in flavour of course! I choose to wash the bag after every use and check for any break down and wear within the bag as a hole could allow debris to pass the bag and shoot the debris straight back into the swimming pool spotting such a breakdown early can save a lot of time later on.

other items to note could be, general wear on foam or brushed rollers particularly prone to breakdown on an old concrete marbline swimming pool that has a rough finish, simply monitor wear and when you feel the cleaner no longer holds itself to the pool surface wall and floor, take your cleaner to your nearest pool workshop for a second opinion again the great thing about robotic pool cleaners when supported is the ability to repair and replace these units are not designed to be compared to the throw away suction pool cleaner market we see no reason why a good branded swimming pool cleaner achieve many years of service.

At Deep End Pools we pride ourselves as being somewhat connoisseurs of the robotic pool cleaner market so for some very helpful advice and support why not call one of our team today.


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