Swimming pool liner change, when is the best time to change?

Swimming pool liners for in ground swimming pools, really are the decorative finish to any swimming pool, a good thicker gauge liner really ought to be able to last 10-15 years on average, with many factors of wear being taken into account:




Exposed sunlight periods

We have experienced many pool owners with liners heading into the age of around 25 years! Of course for this to happen you really ought to be a stickler when it comes to water chemistry and temperature control!

All swimming pool liners are tailored to suit your swimming pool, as the variables within the swimming pool shells vary massively never is one swimming pool liner the same as another on an in ground pool.

When is the best time to change a swimming pool liner?

Well the fitting temperature and outside ambient temperatures have a huge factor when it comes to liner fitment, for instance in 2006 when the day time temperatures were heading into the 90’s the temperature was simply too hot to install liners in and around the Buckinghamshire areas, the weight of the liner on the wall sections pulling and stretching the liner beyond the permitted tolerances, so during this period we installed all swimming pool liners either first thing in the morning or last thing at night when the temperatures, however in 2007 and 2008 when the outside ambient temperatures were slightly lower we choose to use two suction fans per liner installation to help pull the liners into the shell tighter as less stretch was available due to low ambient temperatures.

We would advise the best time for a liner to be installed would be between late February and Late October when outdoor and any time on an indoor liner change. whenever you are looking to install any liner in a high water table area such as Denham, Farnham Common, Marlow, Burnham Beeches and Aylesbury more areas we can advise upon due to our experience in these areas, the perfect time dependent upon the years weather is often late summer and the early autumn periods.

How much will a swimming pool liner change cost me?

well the fact is in ground swimming pool liners are far easier to install than above ground swimming pool liners, however good consideration must be taken into account for small light floor repairs gaskets and faceplates and liner lock repairs roman end gaskets under water light inspections.

an average swimming pool liner change inclusive of chemicals labour materials and the liner really ought to come in around 2-3k mark anything much less than this then please ensure the specification is comparable as economies can be made on a service that takes 2-3 days to install and something that should then last 10-15 years.

Preparation preparation preparation

one area savings can be made is the preparation, all metal panels should be flatted off and rubbed down, floor areas touched up and treated, plastic fittings cleaned and ready for gaskets. Preparation really is the key, 2-6 hours often being the average preparation for a swimming pool pvc liner is normal, of course this can depend upon the builder of the swimming pool in the first instance.

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