Swimming Pool Heater Maintenance

Your swimming pool heating is one of the main components to your swimming pool system. Without heating your swimming season is very limited or your have to be a hardened cool water swimmer.

Every swimming pool heating device has to be serviced on a regular basis – a minimum of once a year – to ensure a number of factors.

The reasons to service a heater:

The heater of any sort heating method is a transfer from either a condensing boiler through a heat exchanger, warm air for an air source heat pump or a direct fired swimming pool boiler – be it gas or oil.

Each type of heater over a period of time may become less efficient and highly used of delicate components may become worn or damaged.  By servicing the heater on a regular basis you should maintain your swimming pool heaters efficiency and quality of heating the pools water to your required temperature.

Regular maintenance on your swimming pool heater is like carrying out a service on your car. You may not have any obvious faults and it may seem to be working well but by servicing the heater any small faults can be spotted as early as possible.  By catching simple faults early this can also help prevent much larger costs of carrying out a full heater repair from a long term simple fault being left.

The obvious reason for swimming pool heater maintenance is safety. We have unfortunately been to many swimming pool plantrooms that have been badly damaged due to poor heater maintenance.  Gas boilers especially require servicing regularly as these can quite easily fail to turn off and quite literally set themselves alight.  Electric heaters that are not correctly maintained or if there are leaks close by can cause quite serve electric shocks.  Air source heat pumps have moving components and if these are not correctly maintained then for the sake of tightening a simple screw you could require an entire new fan assembly which is a lot more expensive than a simple annual initial service.

So other than repairing faults with swimming pool heaters regularly service them to:

  • Maintain efficiency
  • Prolong the life of your heater
  • Ensure the safety of your swimming pool plantroom
  • Save future large repair costs

No matter what type of swimming pool heater you have Deep End Pools can supply, install, service and maintain it for you at very competitive prices. To arrange for your swimming pool heater service today please call.


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