Swimming pool frost inspection

Deep End Pools engineers have been out in these harsh conditions checking for damage from the past few weeks of harsh frost.

Deep End Pools have been in contact with all of our customers to make them aware of the damage the frost and ice may have caused to their swimming pools in the past few weeks of extreme low temperature.

The most common faults have been frozen equipment, frozen fittings and cracked pipes. The engineers have been conducting full reports on the pools and making our customers aware of any faults that are being found.

These faults can occur on pools that have been closed down correctly even if the equipment has been drained, any water left in the pumps, filters and pipework can freeze and lead to a crack or damage.

If you are running your pool, we advise to have it on continously as moving water freezes at colder temperature than still water.

If you are worried about your swimming pool in these frosty conditions please call.


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