Swimming Pool Construction – Do I need Planning Permission?

Many people dream of having their very own pool but are not sure if they require planning permission to construct their pool.

Here is an extract from the SPATA swimming pool guide.

Outdoor Pools, or those housed in a detached building which are for the exclusive enjoyment of the owner of the property and his family will often be treated as a permitted development and no Planning Consent will be required. Building Regulation Consent will be required for any kind of indoor pool. Consent will normally only be required for an outdoor pool where there may be disturbance to adjacent buildings or drains. A pool located in listed premises or in a conservation area will always require Planning Consent.

You should inform the local water authority that you are building a pool, or ask your contractor to do so.

In the first instance, consult your SPATA contractor for advice and they will be able to advise and help.


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