Suncap – Going to save you money!

A market leader in Australia, the high quality Suncap Solar blanket’s unique composition offers the highest performance levels of any bubble material in the marketplace providing excellent value for money with maximum durability against the effects of sun, salt and chlorine.

The Suncap traps the sun’s solar energy in the pool water significantly reducing heat, water and chemical loss. This is thanks to its improved polyethylene distribution which gives a stronger, more effective bubble. The shape and size of the bubble itself also offers greater strength, higher heat transfer and more improved insulation. The greater air space in the bubble means that less heat escapes from the pool. It has a high level of UV inhibitors and its pale, translucent top surface allows maximum penetration of short wavelengths and the larger surface area of the Suncap bubbles trap these waves within the pool water, potentially increasing a pool’s temperature by up to 8oC.


The Suncap’s bubble shape also provides better buoyancy and has good contact with the water during high winds and its lower profile makes the cover more compact when rolled around a reel system. Suncap is available in 400 and 500 micron grades.

The Suncap is avaliable to buy now so you can make the most of your swimming pool this summer!

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