SPATA Awards 2010

The much awaited 2010 SPATA Awards are happening this Sunday 7th Feb 2010. The SPATA awards are the highest honour a swimming pool construction company can receive for its work in the UK.

There are many catagories for which you can win awards and Deep End Pools are in the running for several awards.  Some of the most popular pool companies up for awards are:

London Swimming Pool Company, Tanby Pools, Cheshire Wellness, Penguin Pools and Deep End Pools to name but a few.

The awards are given for a number of reasons but the main focus being on:

Meeting the customers needs, Getting around hard obsticles, Meeting deadline, meeting budget Customer satisfaction and overall look of the project.

The awards are always a highly competitive event with a select few companies scoping more than one gong in an evening.

Deep End Pools will keep you posted on the 2010 SPATA Awards.


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