Solar heating a swimming pool with Texsun X-system

Deep end pools have just become the latest stockist for the texsun x- system, this is a unique solar powered panel, offering the swimming pool owner fantastic solar gain temperatures, over alternative systems on the market and more importantly it versatility when installation comes in is great, the panels can be roof mounted, mounted to product specific frames at 30 degree angles to provide the best achievable solar gain, mounting kits for fences or just simply lay flat onto the ground.

Within the meeting with Brian Collins export sales manager for texsun, we discussed the many variables to which solar systems are sold and installed, the x-system solar collectors have a really simple optional sensory device which can measure the outside temperature and then determine if the swimming pool water should be sent to the collector or not, this can prove to be an excellent piece of kit as sending potentially cold water back to the pool can have the opposite effect and the pool can be cooled by solar collectors. The optional sensory kit from texsun can negate this situation.

We expect units to land in store on the 25th of April along with sensory devices, so if you are considering becoming more energy efficient with your swimming pool this season or simply looking to reduce you long term energy bills over the forthcoming years then book an appointment to discuss your options further.

Texsun Update June 2008

The texsun system has been extremely popular this season already, to the point the customer feedback was so good i felt i should install this system at home the below pictures illistrate myself and Daneil creating a timber frame and four panel system. the timing was great having just installed the unit in the sun. we achieved a 4 degree increase in pool temperature by the following day. We choose to install the system on a timer module however plan to upgrade this to a sensor device in the next couple of weeks further saving energy on the filter pump run time. enjoy the pictures.


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