Second Hand Hot Tub Traders

Have you always wanted a Spa or Hot Tub but thought the prices are just a little bit more than you were looking to spend?  


Had an inflatable M SPA, Lay-Z- Spa or Spa-n- a-Box and got a taste for the Hot Tub Experience and looking to upgrade to something more substantial and/or permanent?


Do you have a Hot Tub or Spa that you have inherited with your new home or just find you don’t have time to get the full benefit from it?  Need to get some extra cash and your Hot Tub is just sat there?


Then you have come to the right place.


BISHTA award winners Deep End Pools are getting an increasing amount of interest from customers both looking to BUY and SELL second hand Spas and Hot Tubs.



Over the past few months we have Bought, Part Exchanged and Sold Second Hand Spas from all over the country.


We have been to:

High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Beaconsfield, Amersham, Gerrards Cross, Uxbridge, Penn, Windsor, Bray, Henley, Reading, Woodley, Sonning Common, Oxford, Derby and Preston.


We have also had enquries from:

Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Gloustershire, Essex, West Midlands, Cheshire.


In our Travels we have come across Marquis Spas, Caldera Spas, Catalina Spas, Hotsprings Hot Tubs, Aqua spas, Eco Spas, Tranquillity spas, Reflections Spas,  Country Leisure Hot Tubs, Artesian Spas, Spa Crest Spas, Vision Spas, Spa-n-a-Box, Arctic Spas, Hydropool Hot Tubs, Jacuzzi, Sundance Spas, Everyday Hot Tubs,  Rotospas, Dimension One Spas.


All of the above locations have either purchased a spa from us or we collected one from them.


How Do I Sell My Spa?


Send us a contact message with all your Contact Details and the Spa’s details and arrange for one of our spa specialists to inspect you spa. 


Please make us aware of any access issues, decking surrounds, crane lifted in or any problems that were incurred on delivering the spa.


How Do You Want To View My Spa?


When we have arranged to see the spa we ask that you prepare in the following way to allow for the easiest of inspections for us and you;

·         Have The Spa up and running at full temperature

·         Make sure the spa is how you would have it if you were to use it

·         Have all the spas history including original receipt of sale ready.

·         Please let our engineers know of any previous faults or problems, we will find the on inspection.

·         Have the spa easily accessible i.e. not surrounded in bbq’s and lawnmowers.

After we have compiled all of our data we will get back to you and make you an offer.


Easy as that!


Deep End Pools will do all the rest.

Deep End Pools have all of the man power and correct specialist equipment to protect, collect and remove you Hot Tub in the minimal amount of fuss and effort on your part.


Contact Deep End Pools Now!


How Do I Buy a Second Hand Spa?


Send us a contact message with all your Contact Details.

In the message be as detailed as possible in listing;

·         What previous Hot Tub/Spa experiences?

·         Where you are having the spa?

·         Any access issues getting the spa to the desired location?

·         What spas you have looked at in the past?

·         What size spa you are looking for?  

·         Any specialist requirements?


As soon as we receive you contact details they will be entered on to our specialist Second Hand Spa database. You will be entered in and as soon as something comes along that we feel is ideal for you we will be in contact with spa details and arrange with you for a viewing of the spa.


How Much Does It Cost To Run a Spa?


The cost of running a spa has many varying factors. These can be ambient air temperature, rating of pumps, size of heater, quality of spa insulation, quality of spas cover, How often the spa is used, how often the cover is off and the price of chemicals. We tell our customers to allow somewhere in the region of £1 a day including chemicals.



Delivery of Your New Spa


Once you have purchased your new Spa you can for arrange delivery/Collection with us.

Delivery can be arranged nationwide for a very reasonable rate.

If we are to deliver we ask to arrange for the following to be ready:

·         Access to the spas new location to be clear

·         As many hands as possible to move the spa as they can weigh in the region of 400/500kg

·         Cleared parking prior to arrival to allow for safe handling of spa


What Guarantee Do I Get with the Spa?


We will not be selling spas that we would not use ourselves.

Any spa we collect second hand will be taken back to our specialist Spa and Hot Tub workshop for a full Deep End Pools Second Hand Spa inspection. We give the spa a full service and get the Spa up and running and leave running.


The Spa will be sold in 100% working order unless otherwise stated.

As the unit is a Second Hand Spa we can only guarantee new parts installed to the spa. The spa will be sold to you in 100% working order unless otherwise stated and we will be fully open with you about the condition and working order of the Spa on our collection of the unit, our repairs we have performed and what is needed to maintain the Hot Tub.


What Next?


As Deep End Pools are a full service company as well as Hot Tub dealer we offer full support and maintenance to most main brand spas and Hot Tubs.


Your new spa will require a drain down after the first month. Then a drain down every three months thereafter, we recommend a Deep End Pools Spa Service every 3 months to ensure you spa stays in top condition and that if there are any faults we can spot them and fix them before it is too late.


So don’t just dream about having a beautiful Spa or Hot Tub send us your details now!  

We be in contact soon with a quality used spa.


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