Saratoga Hot Tub Installation – South Brent

First hot tub installation of 2015 was a nice access one in Wrangaton, South Brent, Devon.

We like to start the year as we mean to go on and as such we start with one of the largest units that we sell – The Luxury Line Empire.

The Empire draws inspiration from its homeland; New York. From its supersized, no float lounger to the deep Adirondack full therapy seat, everything is catered for, nothing is squeezed in…

Catering for six in supreme luxury, everyone is lavishly massaged by one of the three hydrotherapy pumps and the seven patented therapy systems available;
Imagine the scrolling massaging power of the Roto Stream® sweeping up & down the back as it delves deep into your core to unwind & relax the tightest of muscles. Perhaps you’d benefit from the Passive Impact™ jets in the lounger that don’t blast the back of your legs & tip you underwater – but instead drive a steady ribbon of water along your body to soothe you like no other.

Like all the models in the Luxury line, the Empire boasts the Continuous Purity Circulation™ high flow circulation pump. Filtering at high rates ensures inviting, sparkling water & every-drop of it filtered 95 times a day!

With deep seats, high seats, low seats, wide lounger; The Empire never sleeps, it is always ready, all of the time…

The Saratoga Empire was for Jim Burn and family who have had a hot tub in mind for some time and had a great oversized base and power supply in place ready for the Saratoga Luxury Line Empire.


We used our Spa Dolly to get across the flat lawns and then lowered the Saratoga Luxury Line Hot Tub onto the base to allow us to commission.


Here you see the Laminar Jets and the RelaxStream Waterfall in full action.


A Covermate 3 Hydraulic Lifter was installed as the Hot Tub is one of the larger 8′ units and the Hydraulic lifter can really make opening the cover very simple.


A matching Ash step is installed to allow for easy non slip access to the hot tub.  For easy of maintenance the equipment bay is located to the front of the hot tub for future servicing and drain downs.

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