Salt Water Chlorination – Benefits all round

The important difference between saltwater pools and traditional chlorinated Swimming Pools is the lack chloramines, commonly known as Combined Chlorine.

Chloramines are the irritants which give traditional pools the stigma of burning eyes and bad smell. The Salt Water Chlorination process burns off chloramines in the same manner as traditional shock treatment (oxidizer). When chlorine levels are low in the pool, one possible cause is low salt (others can be higher-than-normal chlorine demand, low stabilizer or mechanical issues with the generator itself.)

Salt count can be lowered due to people exiting the pool (splash out), back washing, and dilution via rainwater.

The main benefit of a salt water generator is the fact that you do not have to buy chlorine. The salt water generator eliminates the need to make manual additions of chlorine to the swimming pool.

Other benefits of Salt Water Chlorination over traditional chlorine are:

* Constantly Adds chlorine to the swimming pool.
* No need to purchase chlorine
* No need to store hazardous flammable chemicals in your home.
* A safer more relaxing swim.
* No itchy skin
* No red sore eyes
* No nasty smell
* No nasty taste


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