Rain Leads to More Winter Call Back Services

Deep End Pools have closed a large number of Swimming Pools at the end of summer 2009. A lot of people now will forget about their swimming pool until spring 2010. This means that a lot of swimming pools will be sitting dormant for around 4 – 6 months. This is a long time for water to sit and do nothing.

You may have had your swimming pool shut down fully. Winter chemicals will have been added and the swimming pools water level will have been dropped. This will have been perfect at the time and set your swimming pool into the winter really well.

For some people the winter shutdown will have been as long as 3 months ago now and it has been hot, cold, sunny and overcast. The mixed combination of rain and sun will have brought fresh algae bloom into the pool and the sun will have stimulated it to grow. If the correct levels of chlorine and algaecide have been added your pool should be well but with some pools they may have used all of the available chlorine in the swimming pool. The rain could also of topped your swimming pool up. Liner swimming pool owners beware as this could have serious consequences.

Deep End Pools offer a great service known as a winter call back service.  The service will entail a Deep End Pools Swimming Pool service engineer coming to your swimming pool and doing the following:

·         Removing the Winter Cover

·         Checking Water level and adjusting to suit (Clean pool if required).

·         Checking for any obvious potential problems

·         Inspect plant room

·         Check water chemistry

·         Top up Chlorine and Algaecide as necessary

·         Re-attach winter debris cover and tension up to best protect the pool.


We would recommend at least two winter call backs to your swimming pool over the shut down season, Ideally you would have a visit once a month to keep the Swimming Pool in top condition, this allows for the quickest possible summarisation of your swimming pool in summer 2010.


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