Pump Installation Guide

A Swimming Pool Pump, Such as Sta Rite 5p2r or Pentair Swimmey, is the heart of any swimming pool. A good pump will ensure you get through season after season with minimal fuss. The pump is vital to your filtration set up so when it comes to installing a new one please make sure to take time and read the instructions. If you are not 100% confident then call Deep End Pools to install the pump for you.

Below is an overview of installing a pump, Make sure to fully read and understand the instructions prior to any works.

Pump fitting can be a very delicate thing, often costly when not taking care during the installation process.

Remove the pump and all packaging from the box locate the instructions and retain, mark on the instructions the date you have chosen to install the pump this makes good reference. If your plant room is below the water level of the pool be sure all relevant isolators are moved to the closed position.

Remove the existing pump from its location being sure that an electrician has isolated the power safely remove any interconnecting pipe work from the pump and put to one side this may prove helpful if your pump is a like for like change.

Ideally you would fit unions before and after the pump for ease of future removal, glue part threaded unions are ideal for the Sta Rite 52PR however your new pump may have unions fitted to the pump from standard this is becoming very popular.

Locate the pump onto the chosen spot ensure there is enough access to remove the pump lid and basket easy mistake

You may choose to fix the pump to the floor to help reduce vibration up the interconnecting pipe work.

If your plant area suffers from noise you may wish to call Deep End Pools on 01494 681835 and consider an anti vibration pad. This slips under the pump and dampens the noise and vibration transfer slightly some very good reports on these pads.

Once you have adjoined your pipe work, ensure all o rings are greased clean and completely free from grit and any intruding foreign matter.

 ALWAYS allow adequate time for glues to dry/ cure often 24hrs.

 ALWAYS fill your pump basket with a complete flood of water, clear any air and observe your installation for at least 15mins to allow any trapped air to purge and leaks become obvious, always attend any newly installed equipment over the forthcoming hours/ days mainly to be sure all is ok.Often a pump will failure will be due to another factor other than the pump itself, air being pulled in causes system to de-prime whilst the pump is in the off position. This leads to de-priming the pump then burning the pump out! Eeek

Incorrect electrical connections

Blockages in pipe runs.

We always highly advise if possible that you have your pump installed by Deep End Pools. We have experience and expertise working with all swimming pool systems and whilst an engineer is on site they can often see if there is a deeper root causing the previous pumps failure.

Installation of a pump should take between 1-3 hours when care is taken. understanding your system is paramount for further advice on understanding your system call Deep End Pools for advice

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