Protect Your Family Now!

Deep End Pools at the Certikin International 2010 Seminar 28th January at the Hilton Hotel Warwick, where introduced to the Vacless Safety Vacuum Release Device. This deive is a simple install to any swimming pool system that could save a life. This little device is an extremely simple yet effective way of protecting you and you family.

Vacless Automatic Breathers provide immediate vacuum relief upon entrapment by allowing atmospheric air to rapidly fill the pump pot causing it to lose prime.

Vacless Safety Vacuum Release Systems not only provide added safety against suction entrapment, but they also act as a drain winterization device a surge suppressor extending the life of your pool equipment. This valve is directly attached to the pump by removing the suction side drain plug and installing this SVRS in its place. All of our valves are designed for use on 0.5 to 10.0 horsepower pumps for small and large water recreational installations including hot tubs, spas, fountains, wading residential or commercial pools.

The anti entrapment safety function is achieved by allowing ambient air to rapidly fill the pump suction side, in the event of a high vacuum occurrence, causing it to loose prime providing for the quick release of an entrapment.

The surge suppressor function is achieved by arresting the sudden vacuum rise while the seal is momentarily depressed allowing for quick air gasps. At this role, the valve protects the pump filtration equipment against shocks and vibrations during pump start-ups leading to reduced maintenance costs, less down time, and longer equipment life.

The winterization function is achieved by simply removing the SVRS until all of the water in the pump is fully drained.


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