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With the holiday season upon us, it is at this time your home swimming pool is at its most likely to turn green or go cloudy! why a couple of reasons the swimming pool may be used more often, equally neglected whilst your off in st Tropez lapping up some serious rays, your pool could be receiving some true British summer time thunder storms and downpours of rain, it is at this point your water is likely to be at risk, risk of going green!

So how do we prepare and prevent against coming home to a pool looking like Pea soup? the easiest solution is employ a swimming pool service company or engineer localised to your area to carry on the regular treatments you would typically make whilst you are away, the second less costly approach albeit a little more of a gamble would be to, switch off the heating, as a good heat source will always fuel the bacterial growth rate within a swimming pool liner or tiled, the second give the pool a really good clean, vacuum the pool floor, scrub the walls, empty the pump basket, do a huge backwash ensuring the filter is perfectly clean, ensure the water is at the operating level, increase the chlorine level slightly add a top up does of summer algaecide and consider a mini buoy or fi bouy from the fi clor range this clever floating chlorine device will continually release a small amount of chlorine upon a daily basis for a given period ideally enough time for you to return home!


switch your system off, allow your neighbours to use the pool, as often they have not got a clue about what to do if it does go wrong and let’s face it if they do something wrong, you have to live next to them for years to come! Teenage family members left at home during holiday periods often tend to have a boiler thermostat frenzy! Cranking temperatures into oblivion and beyond potentially cooking your pool so beware we’ve seen it all! Or every year at least we think we have!


if you’re looking for peace of mind service in and around the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire areas, deep end pools offer a huge range of holiday services from weekly to twice weekly systems checks and chemical top ups so if you are in need swimming pool services call 01494 671787

swimming pool services covering many areas to include Cookham, Marlow, Henley on thames, High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Seer Green, Gerrards Cross, Stoke Poges, Maidenhead, Taplow, Burnham Beeches, Cookham Dean, Winkfield, Ascot, Dachet, Windsor, Bray.



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