Out with old! in with the new! Deep End Pools move construction methods into the future for good!


Deep End Pools recently embarked upon a project on a swimming pool in Ickenham Middlesex, the existing swimming pool had recently had the liner changed by a local swimming pool company in Bucks and seemingly there were some oversights!

The original swimming pool was an old Metal panel swimming pool system installed sometime in the 80’s now heading into some 30 years old the shell was showing some serious signs of wear, which we discovered upon removal of the swimming pool liner.

The swimming pool unfortunately had an incorrect backfill substance allowing the framed chassis of the swimming pool structure to be constantly in contact with moisture, this is very frustrating as the reason for the method of build in this way is simply to save costs on the build via the contractor, the end result became extremely apparent when the liner was removed the soil backfill had penetrated 2 or more swimming pool panels to the point they were split and soil was spilling into the swimming pool!

An extremely precarious situation as the ‘A’ frame braces had also suffered bad corrosion damage; the pool could collapse at any time! Further to the woes the swimming pool floor screed was heavily ingressed with algae this had penetrated through the new swimming pool liner! Less than 12 months old!

We had two options given this scenario, the pool structure was weak and at the point of collapse and the floor screed poorly laid undulating and impregnated with algae. Option 1 fill the pool in option 2 build a pool within the pool!

Option 2 was chosen

Option 2 actually worked out to be more cost effective than filling the swimming pool in due to the restricted access to the house, as the existing swimming pool was a liner hopper swimming pool and more commonly new build swimming pool construction requests are for flat bottomed constant depth pools, we opted to infill the deep end of the swimming pool and form a concrete footing ready to accept the new heat retaining swimming pool block system.

our work began stabilising the existing swimming pool structure, and then casting a concrete footing to accept the new in ground pool, once the swimming pool was up this being only in a matter of 2 days work, we began the concrete infill to the backfill section and the block internal.

Once the pool was built we set upon reshaping the swimming pool floor firstly chemically treating the existing pool floor with an antifungicide then installing a new concrete cast over the infill steel re-enforced then applying our swimming pool liner floor porous screed mix

We finished the pool top with a buff set of certikin lined coping stones 9″ and installed the liner lock ready to accept a certkin liner, to ensure the swimming pools future we installed new certikin skimmers and return fittings adjoining to the original pipe work in the ground after a successful pressure test.

Why the Form works Polystyrene pool kit?

Every new build swimming pool this season we have constructed has been a heat retaining block system the wall is softer than the typical block rendered swimming pool, the structure once full has immense strength when the concrete is in filled. Not to mention the blocks ability to retain heat within the swimming pool.

We aim to install the liner very shortly bringing this family swimming pool back to life for another 30 years!

if you are considering swimming pool depth reduction to reduce costs, or if you shell is looking a little ropey and you would like to reduce the swimming pool size and water volume and switch to an environmentally friendly system and you are located in the Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire districts then why not call upon Deep End Pools and we can review your long term view on swimming pool carbon emissions and heat retaining swimming pool systems.

Call today for a free no obligation survey 01494 671787 and one of our experienced team will visit you.  

Swimming pool re-build in Ickenham Middlesex

Swimming pool re-build in Ickenham Middlesex








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