New Workforce Join Deep End Pools

Our Team is every expanding despite the economic slowdown we have maintained a good strong position offering local swimming pool service in and around the Beaconsfield area covering Bucks, Berks and Devon covering all aspects of swimming pool offerings from:

Swimming pool construction

Swimming pool servicing in and around Bucks, Berks Devon and Somerset.

Shop facility open Monday to Saturday all year round within three location Devon, Somerset, Bucks, And Oxfordshire

Shop on line open all the time, Often responses replied to out of normal work hours

Water testing facilities in store

Break down and call out services

Liner changes

Our new members include:

Neil Venison

Neil has worked in swimming pools in varying roles, on and off over the past few years on a temporary casual basis, however due to a career change Neil has offered his full time services to Deep End Pools Neil is an extremely competitive chap belonging to Marlow Rowing Club, and Achieving a 4th position in the national surf rowing championships in 2006 with Leander rowing club, Neil is an avid motorsport enthusiast and enjoys Photography and surfing. So Neil will feel right at home being so near to all these pools! In fact since a very young age Neil enjoyed a swimming pool at home built by Lincoln pools Studley green, in 2007 Deep End Pools Changed the liner at Neil’s parent’s house in Marlow Bottom Buckinghamshire, So Neil has had firsthand experience of servicing and maintaining his very own swimming pool. Neil has instantly been enrolled in the ISPE home study course due for mock exams in December 2009. We wish you well this season and we can’t wait for some of your team sprit to strengthen our workforce. 

Daniel Robinson

Dan as many of you know, is in fact by no way new to the team, more new to his new role within Deep End Pools. Daniel has been responsible for our website development dealing with SEO and Web design companies over the last few months Dan’s fruits of his labour are now starting to blossom very early in the season this is merely down to commitment to the role and the ability to absorb and digest industry knowledge and then relay information in a more user friendly way to you the consumer for product advice and online services, our targets for 2009 online are to provide swimming pool products and services at the most competitively and yet still have the ability to offer good local service. Daniel will ultimately head the Sales team as this sector develops within Deep End Pools; early indications show this will not be long!

With new roles and new members all ready to join our existing team Deep End Pools has never been so prepared for the swimming pool season ahead.

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