New Marquis Spa – The Verdict

At Deep End Pools Taplow, Berkshire, Showroom we now have 3 hot tubs on display.

We have a Marquis Rendezvous, which is the perfect spa for tight spaces – it tucks into a corner and virtually disappears. Plus the 13 amp plug-and-play system is the ultimate convenience. You may not believe it at first glance, but two people can settle into this spa and get a great massage.

Marquis Envy which has the power of whirlpool therapy to massage your body with soothing relief. This model is a flashback from the past replicating the original hot tub, but with all the amenities demanded today. Multi-level seating spirals around the Envy creating a variety of soaking levels including a cool-down seat.

Plus our fully wet, set up Everyday 545.

With the 545 being set up there was only one real way we could properly do our market research. That’s right by wet testing it ourselves.

Firstly when you look at the spa the first thing you notice is the Cordovan Synthetic cabinet which you can tell has been designed with the future in mind, being a timeless dark stained wood effect. Plus having worked with spas for some time, unless you are a big fan of treating wood a synthetic cabinet is definitely the only answer.

Next we lift off the quality 1Ib density walnut cover which works with the cabinet perfectly, with rich dark tones. The cover being locked in place to prevent any unwanted visitors is simply unlocked and then we reveal the beautiful Navy acrylic interior.

The interior is contrasted perfectly with a variety of 45 different stainless steel jets.

With the spa up to 40*c we hopped straight in. With its variety of 5/6 different seating positions we systematically worked our way round the spa. Try each seat with the air and jet valves in each available position. The spa is definitely a comfortable spa with the mouldings having really been thought about with the end user in mind.

After 2 full laps of the spa we each found our favourite position and the switched the spa into quiet soak. Until I had been in a spa a few times I did not realise that the majority of the time you will sit in the spa with loved ones, more often than not for longer with the jets off. This is so you can sit there and just hear the still of night and enjoy laying there without a care in the world. As jets and blowers will massage you then the soak will allow you to recover and recuperate.

In all the 545 certainly gets the Deep End Pools thumbs up and we will hopefully delivering one to you soon!


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