More than just a Swimming Pool Liner in Coleshill, with the help of flexifit!


Deep End Pools was contracted to replace a liner, however there was seemingly more to the job than found upon first inspection the swimming pool was an old concrete block and liner pool constructed by Lincoln pools in the late 80’s it had minor/medium Mosaic damage caused by frost but this was not all, the liner had been recently been replaced the liner itself looking brand new!

David began to explain the works carried out by the previous contractor were not ideal and suggested there was more than meets the eye regarding this swimming pool leak, so we set upon our detection using our pressure testing kit, drop tests and dye tests and had identified that the return fitting through the step entry had failed and various other lines! This had become more than a liner change.

In situations like this you can simple dig and hope you find the leak but this is too much like trying to win the lottery, so the best practical solution given the pools age, is to replace the underground pipe work when over 50% of the lines have failed, however you must always look to do this in the most economical way. Often when pools are constructed the location of the white goods (skimmers etc) are not always the best locations. so we set about with our new pipe work layout digging through re-enforced concrete and creating a safe trench depth, all pipe work refitted to the trench was the new flexifit style pipe work on a 25m coil, this has fantastic advantages over the standard class c 1.5″ 3meter pipe work mainly being a reduction in joints within the ground. All told 4 lines to and from the swimming pool were replaced and the mosaic made good. And another little trick when replacing liners, we choose to replace all the face plates and gaskets which seemingly others do not tend to do! This can add some £2-300’s to the liner change but hey a liner can last up to 30 years! You’d be silly not too!

Due to the strength of the paving sub base a testament to the builders Lincoln Pools we choose to cut out only one paving slab wide this reduced work load, disruption, and cost so all credit to the pavers a good job 30 years ago! however we did choose to reload the trench with a sizable pea gravel to protect all new pipe work runs, all pipe work was tested in accordance with SPATA recommendations 20 psi for a 30 min test with no permissible loss.

After many hours this project was complete, filled, run…….. Tested phew a fix! Leaks can be very tasking in swimming pools and this was certainly a pool with that challenge however as David had the right approach of moving forward and fix the pool rather than limp it through there really is no reason why this pool should now not last another 30 years!

And David thank you for your comments;

Dear Robert, Works at Chase Close Coleshill

Earlier this year your company undertook a job to repair damaged pipe work as well as installing a new liner in my swimming pool, At all times your staff were polite, professional and they completed the work to a very high standard. I wish your company every success in these difficult times

Yours sincerely

David McCammon, Coleshill.

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