Marquis Spa Vs Internet Spa

At Deep End Pools we hear over and over again from people coming into our shop with horror stories of how they have been treated by their spa dealer, internet spa order or cheap Chinese spa.

We as a reputable marquis spa dealer always do our upmost to support these customers, even though most of the time spares are almost impossible to find!

We helped one of our good customers,  with her internet purchased spa over the period of the last year until it got to the point where the spa was beyond economical repair.

We delivered a new Marquis Spa last week.

Testimonial :-

I have been dealing with the team at Deep End Pools for more that a year now.

I first bought a hot tub over the internet, basically because it was cheaper and I can’t express enough how much of a bad decision this was! It had technical problems from the day it was delivered and because it came with no warranty (read the small print) over a period of 12 months I called the Deep End Pools engineers out more than half a dozen times! Each time they managed to fixed the problem but it came to the point that I had to cut my losses.

I called Deep End Pools and they came to see me the next day, Rob spent over an hour explaining my options for safe removal and possible replacement of the tub. Rob asked me what was important to me in a hot tub and then he explained the all the features, prices and warranty available on a new tub from Deep End Pools; there was no hard sell, no..’this is a one day only price’. Rob was open and honest, the price he gave me included everything, the delivery, the installation, the commissioning, the steps, the cover, everything so I did not have to worry about buying any extras.

The delivery went ahead only a week after I placed my order and unlike when my first tub was delivered the driver broke my fence and garden steps the Deep End Team took out my fence panel and built ramps over my steps and placed the tub with no damage or drama. They placed it where I wanted it, connected it, filled it, commissioned it, and took more than 40 minutes explaining the chemical and maintenance requirements to me, I didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed.

Now, because I am the most unlucky person on the planet there was a problem with the control panel on my new hot tub, It did not stop me using the tub but upon highlighting the problem to Deep End Pools, as well as unreserved apologies they took immediate action to fix it and fix it they did. They did everything they said they would do and this included being on site until past 7pm, all covered by warranty, no drama.

These guys are brilliant, they are professional, personal able and unquestionably knowledgeable about their products, I am so so so happy with my tub, it is an amazing piece of kit, the jets are powerful but they don’t make you itch, the controls are easy to work, it basically does everything for you except for adding some chemicals before and after use. I would recommend a hot tub to everyone on the planet as would I recommend the products and services of Deep End Pools!

The Marquis Spa is now running like a dream and we have another very happy Deep End Pools customer with a well branded quality spa that will make her life and our life a lot easier.


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