Know Your Pumps?

Today 30Th April 2009 at Deep End Pools we are well into the swing of waking up peoples pools for the season.  We offer our Summer open service around the bucks, berks and London area to all customers who simply phone us on 01494 671 787 now!

If you are not around the bucks, berks or London area and are opening your pool yourself one of the most common problems found is the pump over the winter has decided to give up the ghost.

So be it Sta-Rite, Hayward, Astral or Eurostar the time comes when you have to install a new pump but just how do you identify what HP your pump is?

One of the most common things people do is to see ‘1PH’ and assume it is a 1 Horse Power but in fact this means single phase or 1 phase.

The way to identify the horse power of your pump is to find the watt or kW rating.

Once you have found this multiply your Watt rating by 0.00134 and this gives you your Horse Power.

(If you have kW rating there are 1000 w to a kW)

Watts x 0.00134 = Horse Power

560w x 0.00134 = 0.75HP or 3/4HP


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