is your hot tub covered?

We received a call this morning to investigate the running costs of an existing inground spa, nearby an Old Lincoln swimming pool construction. The In ground spa had been installed for some years using the heat from a Stainless steel certikin Blue ripple heat exchanger, however the heat had never really retained particularly well to the spa.

Upon first investigation given the in ground spa was located outside, it was only covered via a 5mm heat retention cover of HRC for short. rather than beef up the heat exchanger for the in ground spa, we have decided to supply and install a new more traditional spa cover in two half’s manufactured bespoke to fit the spa form shell.

We will specify a 4lb density foam spa cover and retain the undercover heat retention cover as well for an added bit of heat retention we are confident this is all that is required.

If you would like to ensure your spa or hot tub is sufficiently covered please feel free to call we will advise.

Deep End Pools can replace covers for all makes and models of Hot tubs with showrooms in Henley On Thames, Beaconsfield and Exeter Devon.


Deep End Pools offer replacement covers for Artesian, Artic Spas, Marquis Hot tubs Aegean Master Spas and Hot Spring to name a few.

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