Indoor pool construction in 8 weeks!

In late November we received an enquiry from Mr and Mrs Jones in Badminton Gloucestershire for the construction of an indoor swimming pool, suitable for use similar to that of a swim spa or endless style swimming pool.

Having reviewed the brief specification for the pool it very quickly transpired that in fact the ideal set up would be a Sunsoaka Log cabin a separate spa area instead of an intergrated spa within a swim spa shell we opted for the extremely reliable Marquis spa brand and the model in particular being the Rendezvous in Almond Mocha Walnut colour combination. And for the injection of power or swimming aid counter current unit we installed the Classic Fluvo swim jet C2G rondo set up allowing us to remotely fix the pump to a pit beyond the sunsoaka log cabin.

Works commenced during the really cold snap in February 2009 and amongst the uk running out of salt to grit the M4 motorway, this was not the only obstacle in our way to build a pool within our timescale, we hit good hard Cotswold stone during the swimming pool excavation most of which was broken down by hand! And removed with the digger bucket.

Once the swimming pool was excavated and datum’s agreed the build was extremely swift, using for the first time the Blockit Polystyrene swimming pool system. The system benefits from a concrete infill to the centre of the block work coupled with steel re-enforcement producing unparallel strength and the added advantage of the system being polystyrene therefore retaining heat which in today’s current climate is a wise choice for both purposes of future on cost and help reducing carbon foot prints.

Construction of the Blockit swimming pool system is very fast indeed not weather dependant which is great and having built the vast majority of the swimming pool in the snow certainly a bonus on this project.

Once the pool had cured we began the erecting of the susoaka log cabin from SPL group sp leisure ltd, we have known Tristan Baitmen for many years now so the right specified cabin given the project layout to house the counter current swim jet pool and marquis spa was paramount. Tristan from spl specified a 70mm log for added strength, with double glazing windows throughout the pool hall.

Mr and Mrs Jones had some very specific requirements for entry and exiting the swimming pool, we choose a county leisure drop in step unit with double hand rails and hand rails from the Golden Coast range of spa essentials.

Running costs were a huge factor, my specification suggested I required a 6-9kw heater to heat the swimming pool with this in mind, the running costs could simply run away, so given the swimming pool dig produced absolutely no ground water present and the added advantage of the blockit polystyrene swimming pool system and its added heat retention properties, I choose to down size the heater to a 3kw! Elecro heater the maths simply did not add up would it work? And as a secondary source of heat for summer season use we installed a Heat Basic heat pump from Pollet pool group.  The cover was a 5mm certikin heat retention cover.

A vaporex 30 Dehumidifier with 2kw internal heater was mounted to the wall to remove humidity from the room and create a warming feel to the pool hall air, controlled via a simple swimming pool hall temperature air stat

So with cabin fully constructed and liner fitted and the Marquis spa installed and running heated to 40 degrees! Would the indoor swimming pool heat on seemingly a small 3kw heater? The commission day being a Saturday we all awaited the results of the heat up for Monday from Mr Jones………. Pool at 27 degrees wow! fantastic not only had we produced a pool on time (with snow) on budget but due to the consideration for future on costs and heat retention the pool had heated to the required temperature within the given timescale of 3 days in fact heating up in 2 days! A really great project and one which has become the bench mark in our future projects for 2009, so much so two of our swimming pool projects have decided to switch to the Blockit swimming pool system based upon our results.

If you are considering a swim exercise pool with counter current unit or endless fast lane either indoors or outdoors please call 01494 671787 today you may be pleasantly surprised to hear what can be built on a small budget.


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