How often do i wash my spa filter? How long will my Hot tub filter last?

Spa filters require washing very frequently when in use, as a minimum spa and hot tub filter require washing every fortnight, to get a really good clean to the filter we would suggest you have a spare set to hand.

One in use and one in standby. switch off your spa electrical supply remove the filters from the spa rinse off the loose debris and dust (often a white milky residue don’t worry) then drop filter into a bucket the size of the filter filled with a hot tub and spa filter cleaner. The cleaners will strip body fat grease and scale. Not using a good spa filter cleaner will not give satisfactory results.

after a period of time usually 24hrs remove the spa filter cartridge from the bucket further wash the filter with a pressured hose (not a pressure washer) then allow the filter cartridge to dry (fully dry) the drying process will allow the fibre to tighten and give a better filtration upon completion.

That’s it simple pop in the newly washed filter. Job done.

When should I replace my hot tub filter?

Deep End Pools recommend every year without fail.

*always wash your hands thoroughly once you have washed your swimming pool, hot tub and spa filter. Do not touch your eyes, nose, mouth ears or any other sensitive areas during the process. Wash hands with a good anti bacterial hand wash after washing any spa, hot tub filter.


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