How Much Water is in my Above Ground Pool?

We have been getting many phone calls and emails from customers  asking ‘How much water is in my pool, so that I know how much chemical to put in ?’

So here is a small guide to the approx amount of water in the different size pools:

Easy Set Pools.

10ft Easy Set (30″ Deep) – 850 gallons

12ft Easy Set (30″ Deep) – 1,485 gallons

15ft Easy Set (36″ Deep) – 2,350 gallons

Metal Framed Pools

10ft (30″ Deep) – 1,236 Gallons

12ft (30″ Deep) – 1,425 Gallons

15ft (36″ Deep) – 3,375 Gallons

18ft (48″ Deep) – 6,500 Gallons

Most chemicals come with a guide per 1,000 gallons or per 10,000 gallons. To work out how many times your pool fits into there dose rate.


50 grams per 1000 gallons, so if we have 3,000 gallons we would muliply the dose rate by 3.


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