How Much Money Can I Save?

With the current economic climate there is no better time to start making your pool be as efficient and economical as possible.

The first thing to do would to be sure there are no obvious faults, such as covers split, pumps leaking and splits in liners. All of these can lead to wasted water through evaporation, wasted chemicals and wasted heat.

One of the best ways to save money is to install an air source heat pump.

A good air source heat pump Such as a Calorax or Climexel will offer you 4 to 5 times coeffiency rating.

So for every £1 spent on running the heater you are getting back £4/£5 worth of heat.

An air source heat pump can be installed in a short space of time and really begin to start saving you money instantly.

But please BEWARE!

We have heard stories of people telling us that they have been offered heat pumps that will only cost 20p a day to heat their pool upto 28*c.  Please be sure to buy a well sourced and more importantly a well backed product.

For example, a unit such as a Climexel will heat a 35m3 pool upto 27*c for less than £3 a day in the summer months. This im sure you will feel is a very reasonable cost.

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