How much does a hot tub cost to run?

How much does a hot tub cost to run?

Well this is a question often asked by many new potential hot tub to be owners, the costs will vary dependent upon many variables such as:

Water volume

Density of the foam cover and hot tub insulation


Tub location indoor and outdoor

Hot tub internal component make up i.e. 24hr circ or low speed boost pump filtration

There are of course many more I am sure. 

We have in the past produced an estimated figure for hot tub running costs for our Branded Marquis spas, based upon an average usage, then of course in recent month’s energy prices in general have rocketed! So price projection for running costs for hot tubs has become very hard to pinpoint.

How could we pin point costs?

well Deep End Pools were on a routine shopping trip to Curry’s superstore in High Wycombe to purchase a display TV for our new swimming pool show site in the bishops centre Taplow Berkshire, when we stumbled upon the ‘Owl’ the owl is a device that attaches to your incoming electrical main, the device enables you to enter you per kw hr rate cost ours being 14p (shop around for energy costs we used to pay 28pence per kw hour!)

So our first test was hot tub on pump on low speed……….. Cost 6p per kW hour good start, then we switched the hot tub to high speed with the heater on…… 12p per kW hour. this was actually very good and we were certainly not surprised at the low running cost, however put this into the run time cost being an allowance for 4 hours per day filter cycling cost £0.24pence per day then we assumed an average heating time per day of around 4 hours at 12p per kw hour (this includes usage) this totals add together to cost £0.72 pence per day therefore the weekly cost being in the region of £5 this actually rings true with our energy bill also

The Marquis Promise spa really is an exceptional spa, the Marquis Spa brand is extremely well insulated with full foam insulation, not partial foam or foam backed shell this is a fully foamed cavity section throughout. The promise is a single pump spa and can seat seven, and the density of the covers is one of the highest grades. Our installation comprises of the Marquis promise spa being in an outdoor courtyard location partially dropped by 50% into decking with a pergola covering the position I would deem to be sheltered.

how much will you spa cost to run, well why not perform a similar test to us, Owl’s cost around £35 from local stores, we certainly do not suggest all spas cost in the region of £5’s per week as we have heard of some spas costing far more to run! These units usually are poorly insulated, poor low grade covers, ill selected pumps.

on the basis of a hugely positive test, we are going back to the Curry’s store High Wycombe Bucks and purchasing two more owls for our hot tub display centre after all the proof is in the pudding, we will be setting the units up on a Marquis Reward spa in Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire at our Mayflower way Hot tub store and on our newly launched Maidenhead store in the bishops centre Taplow where the Owl will attach to our Marquis Rendezvous spa, come in and chat to our trained hot tub advisers and view our owl display’s

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