How do I Vac My Pool?

With every pool there comes maintenance.

Deep End Pools can come and service your pool on a weekly basis so you do not have lift a finger just enjoy your pool.

If you do look after your own pool one of the key arts to master is vacuuming your pool.

It is very easy to de-prime your circulation pump if you are not careful.

Follow these simple steps and you should have a clean pool in no time

·         Get your pole, vac head and hose poolside

·         Isolate the necessary line to which you vacuum through(i.e. Skimmer or Vac Point)

·         Connect your vac head to the pole

·         Connect the swivel end of the hose to the vacuum head

·         Drop the vac head into the pool

·         As the hose enters the water systematically push the hose under water to fully clear all air out of the hose

·         Now the vac hose is fully primed either connect to your vacuum point or skimmer

·         Proceed to vacuum your pool in thoroughly ( I recommend dividing your pool into sections or quarters to make it an easier size to handle)

·         Once you are happy with the pools condition disconnect vac hose from the line of suction

·         Lift the head, handle and Hose to pool side and disconnect

·         Neatly pack away hose for next service

·         Return valves to normal operating positions


I always empty the pump basket and backwash the sand filter after vacuuming a pool to ensure the pool is left in tip top condition.

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