How Can I Reduce My Running Costs?

Swimming pool running costs are a major issue. It is always the ongoing costs once the pool is constructed that will affect you the most. Yes you have used the most efficient solar cover and a super efficient swimming pool air source heat pump but a lot of people forget about the heart of a swimming pool the circulation pump.

Certikin International today 28th January 2010 unveiled their newest swimming pool circulation pump to their range the BOMBA HGS Dual Speed.

This new Bomba HGS  Dual speed has two speed settings allowing for maximum efficiency for you and your swimming pool.

There is a high speed setting for Backwashing, Rinse, Shock Treatments and intensive pool use.

The lower setting is ideal for normal circulation, water passes through filter much slower thus giving it a better filter. Energy saving as the pump in the slower speed setting is up to 60% more efficient than a one speed pump.

Better chemical distribution as the pool is getting a much more varied circulation of water. One of the major benefits of the pump in slower speed is that it is almost silent, this is ideal for those of us with plant rooms near the house or very close to a boundary.

The pump running at a varied speed is said to save some swimming pool owners in the region of £500+ a year on reduced running costs.

This pump is a much cheaper alternative to the Pentair Inteliflow.

The BOMBAS HGS Dual Speed will very shortly be available to purchase from us.

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