Hot tubbing in the snow


Anybody that has purchased a Hot tub in the last five years Hot Spring, Caldera, Marquis Hot tubs, Coast spa, Artic spa, Artesian now really is the time to log your memories get snapping with the camera. Never before would your spa have been so inviting with over 6″ of snow laden on the ground that crisp crunchy bed of fluff awaiting your feet on the trail to the Holy Grail within your garden space your hot tub @ home.

Now… Probably for one day only, unlike any furniture sale! Monday the 2nd of February you can slip in to your 40 degree water and marvel at the stream of steam that pumps from the water’s surface ahhhhhhhh

Whilst your neighbours build snowmen and clear the front drive to test their seemingly boring 4 x 4’s for traction you can soak in your spa at they were intended to be used when you bought one…….. In the snow!

Well done to all that have ventured outside, and hats off to those of you out there with the camera.

Two guesses what we plan on doing when we get home.

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