Hot tub ownership what is it all about?

Another Hot tub Dimension.. What could it be?

For many years now at Deep End Pools we have practiced what we have preached, yes hot tub ownership. However now having owned a hot tub for over five years I had never thought until this evening another dimension could have been added to the hot tub sensory experience!
Our Hot tub of choice within our home has been a Marquis Spa, the Promise. An all seater hot tub dual speed pump high glow filtration system, with the potential of a blistering 40 degree heat, and enough jets to deal with the everyday stresses and strains of modern life, and enough internal space to be close to loved ones however still achieve a good personal space when needed!
Yes it has lighting, yes we have hot tub audio and for many years we have added spa essence in the form of oils and crystals for aromatherapy, however until now we had never used Candle spa essence!

And wow what an evening for years we have actively marketed spa candles and sold, them albeit in few numbers, However this evening following a calming spring day and  the stunning weather we have experienced in the past few days, following the burst of Snowdrops, Crocuses and the recent bloom of the Daffodils and early blossom alerts our senses are a burst with essence and with this in mind, at 5.30pm today I brushed some dust from the old stock candle spa essence and took them home!

Armed with the Spa Candles, it was after some 25mins I had to remind Naomi “can you still smell the candles?” I asked “yes” she replied to somewhat of a surprise, As many of you know even our best spa crystals and oils can last all but 20 minutes or so, however after some 30 minutes the Spa hot tub accessory candles burnt the night away producing some wonderful aroma’s
What can we say after all this time of Hot tub ownership never would we have thought the power of Aromatherapy could have been so wonderful, highly recommended to all


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