Holiday servicing how? why? and when?

Holiday booked?

Well you maybe nipping off on holiday, however please do not forget the swimming pool this season, with a great swimming pool season ahead weather wise, remembering the swimming pool is one of the items that must enter the holiday check list!

So you go off on holiday great, but back home is Buckinghamshire we have had a little rain, or your swimming pool pump may have failed or some other minor problem. now all too often we experience the inexperienced being left in charge of your pool whilst your on holiday the gardener, the cleaner, the neighbour…. the neighbour generally has a dip without you knowing! Or maybe you do either way do they know what to do what things begin to change: cloudy swimming pool water, pink slime, green algae, smells and odours?

well the answer is pre book with deep end pools 3 service visits, one a week before you go on holiday, we can learn all the tricks associated with your pool gate codes, backwash lines your swimming pool chemical stocks, not to let your cat out whatever it may be but a service before you go is always a good idea, now the next often in the dead heat of the holiday roughly mid way or when we notice a change in the weather! And the most important service just before you comes home!

The last service is paramount, you come home in the holiday mood, having been sat pool side all week, and you want to extend the holiday after that 9-5 well the pool has to be ready!

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