Has the Swimming pool season started early this year!

Well who would have thought, we would have experienced such a wondrous past few days of glorious sunshine and clear blue skies! And in mid march.

Well this is obviously an early reminder that out there in the back garden under the green winter cover, lay our swimming pools. Who dares taking an early peek under the cover to see what state the swimming pool is in? You may ask yourself if it looks a little murky this year do I need the services of a swimming pool engineer. Or can we pop down to Deep end pools and pick up some summer clear algaecide and Fi clor super fast shock dose to send this pool off into action.

whichever direction you choose don’t be fooled to believe you can leave your pool this year until the bank holidays to open up the pool because we have had an awful lot of rainfall this year this would have almost certainly of diluted the best of algaecides on the market so and early open will be for the wise.

How can I speed up my summer opening service? well by removing the winter debris cover or washing down the safety cover, prior to a service engineer arriving can speed things along allowing the cover to dry in the sun, you may also wish to give the pool a bit of a scrub with a good 18″ certikin swimming pool wall brush or a wall Whaley, by netting as much of the debris from the pool as possible will help reduce the bacteria growth rate thus using less chemicals on the pool summarisation, a good deep leaf net from the eco or certikin range of products would certainly help here.

Why is my swimming pool stained?

well this is often caused by decaying leafs or worms in the bottom of the swimming pool, left over a period of time usually more common on liner pool and pools where the acidity has fallen often caused by rainfall. our advice with pool staining is to get the pool up and running after 7 turnover periods or roughly seven days after the swimming pool open service pop a 1ltr water sample in to our shop Deep End Pools 39 Mayflower way, holtspur, Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire HP9 1UG open Monday to Saturday 8.30 -6.00 pm and we can test the water for you. often in our area being a hard water we find after the winter period the water balance can sometimes be very acidic having a demand for calcium hardness increaser and alkalinity increaser, so it is very important that you bring a sample in for testing to let the experts deep end pools test the water for you.

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