Hands up! we have just killed your bush!

Well from time to time we all make mistakes and why because we are all human!

Earlier this year we set about our work in winkfield to chemically clean and refresh a beautiful swimming pool surround, being extremely keen we accidently got a little overzealous with the fluid…. and we managed to deprive a boxus hedge of its life!

Our client being ever so understanding and very complimentary to work we had actually carried out, flagged the issue with the Boxus surrounding the swimming pool surround, to which we responded in good old fashioned business style ‘leave it with us and we will find a man who can’ well knowing full well the only chap to rescue Deep End Pools in our hour of need was Personal Plant shopper business owner and friend Bob!

We have known Bob from our early days in fact since our trading year 1, having always looked up to Bob for many reasons to include his skill and knowledge within his field and his general wiliness to help others we knew The Personal Plant shopper could help us, after a brief site survey Bob had established the soil make up etc and what was required to replace/ repair the Boxus.

So having now contracted Bob from the personal plant shopper to replace the hedge our client’s response was as follows’

“Dear Rob,

I just wanted to write and both thank you and also say how incredibly impressive your attitude and approach has been regarding the problems we experienced with the shrubbery after the pool cleaning process.

The area has been replanted and I am sure relatively quickly will grow back to its previous state.

It its rare these days to find someone who just keeps their word and I can assure you of our loyal custom for years ahead.

With best wishes

Peter Liney”


Thank you Bob the Personal Plant shopper http://www.personal-plant-shopper.co.uk/ 

Thank you Peter for your recognition and praise despite us killing your bush.



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