Green Swimming Pool Solar Cover

We as a swimming pool service company do everything with in our powers to prevent a swimming pool from turning green. But nowaday’s the term green has taken a more positive meaning when referring to swimming pools.

When we mention making a swimming pool more ‘green’ we refer to making it more energy effiecient and cheaper to run. This can be done by installing a new swimming pool pump that may require less power to run it.

You can install more ‘green’ swimming pool heaters. These can be better for you by having a far better co-effieceny rating if a boiler or you could look into a modern alternative such as an air source heat pump.

The cheapest and by far the most important purchase you can make for your swimming pool is a good quality swimming pool solar cover. A very high amount of wasted heat and chemicals is wasted through evapouration and the sun’s rays being directly onto the swimming pools water. A good solar cover will not help to reduce evapouration but it will help to increase the temperature ofyour swimming pools water.

The newest addition to our solar cover range id the Certikin Suncap 500 GREEN. The cover is green in more ways than one. The first major benefit of this cover over any traditional sollar cover is the disign of the bubble. The bubble is of a lower profile and a bigger surface area. This allows the cover to be hugged down low to the pool with maximum surface in contact with the swimming pools surface.

The green colour may be a bit different but this has a major benefit. The very light green hue allows for maximum penetration of short wavelength solar energy. This energy then radiates within the pool at longer wavelengths. The largerr swimming pool solar cover bubbles allow for better coverage of keeping these waves inside the pool for longer.

These covers have been known to increase swimming pool water temperatures by up to 8*c over not using a swimming pool solar cover.

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