Frozen Swimming Pool? – We got you covered

Deep End Pools have had a number of phone calls from customers worrying about their swimming pools in the frost. Many people did not get round to winterizing their swimming pool correctly and this has led to a lot of cracked swimming pool pumps, swimming pool pipes and leaking pools.

Deep End Pools have put together a range of specialist swimming pool winter repair products to help our customers repair their swimming pools and equipment. The range of parts and accessories are designed for repairs and short term fixes.

If with the use of the products in our Swimming Pool Winter repair products you still do not get a fully working pool, then we recommend a Deep End Pools Leak investigation.

A Deep End Pools Leak investigation will be a full visual inspection of your plant, lights, pool lining and equipment from a Deep End Pools service engineer. If the fault is not visual this will then lead into a Deep End Pools Pressure test. All of the lines that are accessible from poolside will be pressure tested up to 20 psi for 15 mins – 20 mins.

Once the problem has been narrowed down then we can arrange for your swimming pool to be back up and running within a matter of days.

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