Fi Clor Swimming pool Dealer, Deep End Pools.

Deep End Pools are huge supporters of the Fi Clor swimming pool chemical brand; we have hosted the Brand since 2003 and had great feedback on the chemical from all our clients.

What is Fi Clor?

Fi Clor is deemed to be the best branded and supported chemical within the swimming pool industry, the chemical is very well refined ensuring the rate in which many of the chemicals within the range dissolve at an acceptable rate, for example on a swimming pool up to temperature let’s say 28 (nice and warm) if you were to gently broad cast the Fi Clor Super fast shock granule in the water you can almost see instant results and granule very rarely touches the swimming pool floor, try this with a lower branded chemical often the very worryingly cheap chemicals sold on the internet very seldom dissolve in a bucket after some 15minutes!

How does this affect you?

Well many swimming pool finishes whilst designed for swimming pool use are not specifically designed for direct contact with such swimming pool chemicals; we have experienced staining caused by cheap swimming pool chemicals, often costing thousands to repair the finish!

That aside the support from Fi CLor is fantastic; have a problem with the water? then there is always a chemical to react against the problem, for consistently problem pools we advise you pop a 1 litre water sample into Deep End Pools and we can test your swimming pool water for you, the test costs £10 in store however is free when you buy chemicals from us.

The Fi clor testing process provides some very accurate dosing instructions when you provide us with your swimming pool parameters. We produce a printed document with full instruction on how best to tackle your water balance, and of course the corresponding Fi Clor swimming pool chemical is recommended.

For general water testing advice we advise that your swimming pool water is tested two weeks after your swimming pool is opened, at least once in the dead heat of the summer and once at the end before the pool goes to bed.

Deep End Pools are one of the biggest Fi Clor retailers in Buckinghamshire we offer water testing 6 days a week mon- sat with a while you wait service, all of our staff are trained in swimming pool water testing, and can advise you whatever your problem.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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