Eurostar II- The Low Down!

Eurostar IItar I

I Filtration pump



Drawing on experience gathered throughout the world,

EUROSTAR II is a front runner in pool pump innovation:

– an extremely low noise level,

– large capacity prefilter, transparent lid, easy to handle,

– remarkable self-priming capacity,

– improved electrical protection.

When you choose a EUROSTAR II pump for your pool,

you choose:

Quality, efficiency and innovation at the right price!

Connection compatibility:

EUROSTAR II can replace EUROSTAR I without changing the pipe work.

Its inter axial distances are the same as EUROSTAR I, all parts are compatible.

Corrosion resistance:

The prefilter and pump body are made of talc-filled polypropylene,

Entirely immune to corrosion even in pools treated with salt electrolysis.


The EUROSTAR II pump allows instant start up of the filtration

system and is ideal for running automatic pool cleaners.

A reliable mechanical seal:

The waterproof mechanical seal is mounted on a synthetic resin protective shaft.


There is no contact between the motor shaft and the swimming pool water.

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