Elecro New T100

Certikin Seminar 2010 introduced the new Elecro T100 electric heater. The elecro heaters have been the very similar in design for many years but now elecro and Certikin have teamed up to design this new Elecro T100 for the 2010 swimming season. This heater is ideal for bigger pools as it goes upto 72kw and has many new safety features. 

The NEW T-100 model heater is designed for ultimate safety and market leading reliability. It is perfect for use on larger pools. It is available in outputs from 6-72-kW. Multiple heaters can be installed in parallel to achieve greater outputs. T-100 models are supplied fully equipped and prewired to ensure easy installation and incorporate several safety features to ensure they meet and exceed current and future safety standards.

Key Features

  • Titanium heating elements – Offer total protection against corrosion from aggressive water chemistry.
  • Flow switch – The safest and most reliable method to protect equipment when flow stops.
  • Multi point temperature detection – For accurate and safe control of the heating process.
  • Two contactors per heating element bank – Telemecanique heavy duty contactors with independant control circuits provide ultimate safety.
  • Anti cycle delay protection – Prevents the heater from ‘cycle’ switching to ensure component life is maximised.
  • Indication lamps – Provide clear and easily understandabledisplay of the heaters status.
  • Mounting brackets – Ensure the heater can be easily wall or base mounted.

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