Dolphin Hybrid M1 – New Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

The new Swimming Pool Suction / Robotic cleaner by Maytronics of the USA has been unveiled today the 28th January at the 2010 Certikin Seminar.

The Dolphin Hybrid M1 is the most technologically advanced swimming pool suction cleaner available on the market. The new Dolphin Hybrid M1 swimming pool robot cleaner has been designed to combine cost effective swimming pool cleaning with advanced swimming pool scanning.

Dolphin Hybrid M1 is the only swimming pool suction cleaner available on the market that offers the Active Brushing System that scrubs the swimming pool floor as the robot swimming pool cleaner dives round the floor.

Dolphin Hybrid M1 has built in software controlled scanning that ensures that the suction swimming pool cleaner covers the entire swimming pool floor. This combined with the smart transmission system that allows for optimal manoeuvring around your swimming pool floor.

This cleaner is very similar to the Hayward navigator swimming pool suction cleaner in its driving method, but combines this with the latest software technologies.

Dolphin Hybrid M1 Swimming Pool Cleaners make swimming pool maintenance very easy and extremely cost effective as the suction force of your 0.5HP or greater swimming pool pump generate the power needed to operate your Dolphin Hybrid M1 scanning system. No tools are required for the installation of the cleaner to allow for simple installation and maximum operator simplicity.

Built in LED tells you of the Dolphin Hybrid M1 progress. The light changes colours to inform you of any problems or of low flow. The cleaner is a true light weight weighing in at a light 3.7kg for simply application in and out of the swimming pool. The cleaner comes complete with 12m of hose so works on most domestic size swimming pools.

The Dolphin Hybrid M1 will be available from April of 2010 from Deep End Pools. 


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