Does you pool hall smell of Chlorine ? Ionizer Update 1st February 2013

 A very valued customer of Deep End Pools has for two swimming seasons has become a very keen swimming pool owner. However for many reasons including time constraints and available time to look after his swimming pool our client has requested an alternative to Chlorine.

After much deliberation over the benefits of salt water over Uv and Ozone treated swimming pools we opted that in fact the Pool Fresh Ionizer system is more suited to our client and family’s needs.

Pool fresh enables the use of very little sanitizer additions to the swimming pool using ionizer technology to eliminate harmful swimming pool bacteria, all that is required is frequent checking to the Pool fresh Probe system and regular additions of the Pool fresh sachet.



Looking for Chlorine alternatives?

* Ionizer’s under scrutiny statement from Certikin Below:

** News regarding the current sale of Swimming Pool Ionizer systems for installation within swimming pools
‘ it is currently illegal to sell ionisers and copper electrodes in Europe as of 1st Feb 2013. Copper is affected by the Biocidal Products Directive. The Biocidal Products Directive is a European Union directive to control the sale of biocides in Europe. The BPD contained copper from the start but support from industry is needed to prove the usefulness of biocides and to provide advice on the best and safest ways to use these products. What has happened is that manufacturers of these copper / silver ionisers have attempted to defend the product and provide the commission with the info needed to keep copper on the list but sadly these firms ran short of funding and so copper has not been supported. It is important to note that the decision not to include copper wasn’t based on safety concerns but purely on a lack of industry support.

Technically, what this means is that as of 1st February 2013, copper probe erosion systems should not be sold within the European Union.

However, the Health and Safety Executive has become involved and are working with manufacturers to support a re-application process. We find this very encouraging as they are one of the best organisations that could be involved. Also, Aligator in particular aren’t likely to let this go without a fight as their whole business revolves around ionisers.

What this means is that we are very much in a watch this space scenario. Certikin’s feeling is that this will eventually blow over but it could take a while as bureaucracy usually does.

The alternatives in the meantime would be something like UV or Ozone. ‘
Deep End Pools are led to believe this does not effect current installations but new installations only. We recommend during this consideration period the recommendation for UV or Ozone is considered as an alternative, used with Chlorine or Bromine.

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