Define the product? price? quality? find out when ordering before its too late.

This is becoming slightly more alarming, to the swimming pool connoisseur but our experiences at the global swimming pool world trade show in Barcelona, had its own little china town section with many trade stands pitching for the sale of product to the swimming pool trade.

now let’s face it was is not built or made in china these days, however something’s we feel are best left alone.

many factors when choosing your swimming pool supplier may come into play, if budget is not one of them the likelihood is the you will receive good product of decent merchantable quality because let’s face it, if the manufacturers have cut their costs in production it usually means they have also cut the quality.

Whilst at the show in Barcelona we met Chinese distributors selling items from Chemicals to Heaters and pool cleaning equipment, so how do you tell what is what? well very difficult we always advise to stick with a good swimming pool chemical brand like Plastica, Bayrol, Arch chemicals, Fi-CLor its pretty much a given this product is good, net brushes poles well this we deem a kind of a swimming pool consumable so if these were Chinese sourced it’s not too much of a problem as their replacement cost is fairly low.

But at the same time the pool maintenance equipment produced by Certikin some years ago is still out there in the field to date, so buy cheap buy twice.

but pumps filters heaters this is slightly more alarming to Deep End Pools, ok there are a handful of importers and distributors of certikin Chinese pumps and filters that put their equipment through religious testing Pro copi uk being one of them with their Fairland heat pump being one product,

however one conversation with a Chinese distributor alarmed me when he mentioned he had to install 4 heat pumps on a average 30 x 15 pool mainly to hold the heat however the second reason if you get one unit breakdown you have 3 in standby! Wow pretty scary needless to say we walked however observed the product for recollection in the forth coming swimming pool season of 2010.

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