Deep End Pools – Pioneers in Swimming Pool Construction

Deep End Pools have always been pioneers when it comes to new swimming pool construction methods. We have constructed swimming pools from polymer panels in Gerrards Cross, Bucks. We have constructed swimming pools from polystyrene blocks in Beaconsfield, Bucks. We have constructed concrete tiled pools in Amersham, Bucks. We have constructed block liner pools in Burnham, Berks.

So at the 2010 Certikin Seminar in the Hilton Hotel, Warwickshire on 28th January we saw the new Heatwave Swimming Pool system it really appealed to us.

The new Heatwave swimming pool system is a revolutionary insulated panel that is designed to minimise heat loss through the swimming pools walls.

The new Heatwave insulated heat retaining panels are designed for maximum swimming pool efficiency combined with simple installation and minimal over dig to reduce construction costs when installing the swimming pool system. The panels are extremely simple to install and fix together using a simple cam lock and channel system.

The panels are available in two thicknesses a standard 75mm insulated panel that is ideal for outdoor swimming pools and a deluxe 125mm thermal panel that is ideal for indoor year round heat swimming pools.

The standard insulated panels feature a 10 year guarantee, 75mm of Polyurethane, a U-Value of 0.30 and a HP 200 plastic panel finish. This panel system will be a Deep End Pools standard installation for the 2010 product range.

The Deluxe Insulated panels feature a 125mm thermal panel which is the most advanced pool panel system available today. Running costs combined with faster easier installation mean massive savings all round when using the Heatwave Deluxe system. This panel system is ideally suited to Pools of all types but specially ones that run at hotter temperatures.

The key benefit to this system is that it complies to part L of building regulations that are being introduced to swimming pools later on in the year and so you are basically future proofing your swimming pool construction.

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