Deep End Pools – ISPE Seminar

The Deep End Pools service team took part in the ISPE training seminar today.

ISPE or Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers was set up in 1978 to establish an organisation for  individual swimming pool engineers to develop their skills and techniques throughout the swimming pool sector and give them a recognision for their skills and techniques.

The 96th One Day seminar took place at the Watermill Hotel, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. The theme to the day was Common Misconceptions and How to Avoid Them. Filter Strip-down & Re-build.

The ISPE team demonstrated the correct strip down and reassembly of a sand filter. Pointing out tips and tricks on the way. They also explained the risks and dangers that are found whilst performing the filter servicing.

There were talks about different bugs and germs that are found whilst working with the pool and its filters and what the engineer can do to best protect themselves and the end swimming pool user.

Throughout the day they answered many questions about hurdles the team have come up aginest whilst being out on the road.

Deep End Pools are constantly training our team this means our engineers are bringing the freshest and most up to date skills and techniques to your pool.

If you need any swimming pool servicing or repairs please call Deep End Pools now.


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