Deep End Pools, is on the look out for a Cheap spa

 At deep end pools we so often are asked for a spa that can fill a gap, yes you can buy a cheap spa entry level unit for around £500 specifically the Mspa and this is a very very good spa for the money, personally if we were to review the M Spa quality’s over the Lazy spa or Ez spa the M Spa we feel would score much higher however the price reflects in this price bracket.

But where do you go from there?

well Spa in a Box has been an excellent contender for now many years, comparable to let’s say the Halliburton spa, or certainly we would say from within the same style range as one another the Halliburton spa being probably having a slightly better quality however a higher price tag. the reliability however of the spa in the box is unfaulted, having been our hire a hot tub weapon of choice for some 3 years now these units are robust given their price point, however given the spend it’s still not the best cheap spa/ hot tub on the market

Then we enter the Soft tub market of spas a currently very limited sector for product availability however perfectly suited for rental properties as the ease of moving the spa from house to house or even party to party is simple! To be honest the Soft tub we feel is the most reliable cheap spa unit currently on sale in the UK at the moment given time. All the benefits of the hard sided walls not inflatable, the look is above and beyond the MSpa lazy spa and the Halliburton style spas this unit wins hands down!

and then you could entertain the next entry level being the one piece moulded resin spas, now we sampled one of these in 2003 and nothing really has changed our advice is wet test these units, the finish internally is often rough and not as smooth as a lined spa or acrylic spa, the offset being your skin can often tend to feel scratched some may call it exfoliated when you leave the spa, these units typically have now entered into the 2.5k-3.5k price bracket often leading your into a cheap acrylic spa so confusing!

once into the Cheap buy it now price of an acrylic spa you really have to do your homework the hot tub and spa unit has now not become a disposable bit of fun but a serious item that will become landscaped into your garden space, this simply means you want it to last 10-15 years which is the expected life of the average acrylic spa set up. Spends at this level can vary from £3.5k – 23k this has now become a serious spa purchase requiring visits to many spa dealers in your area.

well we are confident that by the end of this season 2009, and maybe early 2010 Deep End Pools may have found a hot tub that fits uniquely into the spa starter market, it does not mean you have to be overly committal to a costly acrylic spa however could benefit from hours of family fun in a reasonable priced softer style soft tub less the cost, so if you’re looking for a second hand spa or a cheap first time hot tub make an enquiry now and register your interest as we may have found the cheap spa you’re looking for with all the benefits and features of buying a low cost spa unit.

We will be able to send these nationwide so please do not feel restricted due to our location, we will be offering a buy and collect price and a delivered price.

Watch this space


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