Deep End Pools Endless Summer Enclosure Display Site Taplow

Deep End Pools Taplow, Berkshire have just had our Top of the range Endless Summer enclosure installed at  our Taplow, Berkshire showroom.

The Certikin display swimming pool set up really shows of the quality and level of finish that the Endless Summer Enclosure and Endless Summer Pool has. The Enclosure was installed over a two period allowing for a top quality finish that is second to none.


This is the enclosure in the open position allowing for an open air swimming pool on nice days when you would like to have the feeling of fresh air whilst swimming. As we are in the UK the enclosures closing ability will give most swimming pools a lot longer season and allow for much more usage throughout the year.

This is the enclosure in the closed position. The enclosure will be on the pool longer than it will be off of the swimming pool due to pool being used for demonstration purposes. The enclosure has been designed to offer good bather access around the pool whilst not swimming.

The enclosure has fully bi folding doors that allow you to retract the enclosure of off the swimming pool and have great access in the fron of the building. The is plenty of space around the pool to make this area be useful as a gym area or a place to socialise with friends.

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